To qualify for the Seasonal Homeowners Product, a risk must have the following characteristics:

  • Risk cannot be rented for more than 6 weeks. Refer to the Landlord or Dwelling Fire Programs.
  • Replacement Cost Requirements:
    1. - Updates: Roof (15 years); Electric (30 years); Heat (25 Years); Plumbing (35 Years)
    2. - 80% -100% RC Coverage A
  • Actual Cash Value:
    1. - Coverage A range 50-70% Replacement Cost.
    2. - Under 50% RC may qualify for the Dwelling Fire Program.
    3. - Required if any galvanized water pipes.
  • Basic Form Perils only for risks with an open pier foundation.
  • Woodburning stoves are allowed as supplemental heat source with proper installation.
  • Risk must be accessible year round.

Risk characteristics that make the risk unacceptable for our Seasonal Homeowners Product:

  • On-premise business.
  • Prior cancellations, non-renewals, claims, non-pays, bankruptcy, foreclosure.
  • Diving boards; unfenced in-ground pools.
  • Vacancy.
  • Space heaters.
  • Coverage lapse.
  • Multiple ownership, trusts, business entities.