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To qualify for the Preferred Homeowners Product, a risk must have the following characteristics:

  • Permanent and Primary Residence (Owner Occupied, 1 family).
  • 30 years old or newer, unless there is superior maintenance; roof, heat, electrical, and plumbing updated within past 10-15 years.
  • MUST have central heating; NO woodburning stoves allowed.
  • $100,000 minimum Coverage A.
  • Minimum 90% Replacement Cost
  • Includes:
    1. - ML-5 "Comprehensive" Form
    2. - ML-150B Homeowners Plus ($2500 included with option to increase
    3. - ML-55 Replacement Cost Contents
    4. - Personal Injury

Risk characteristics that make the risk unacceptable for our Preferred Homeowners Product:

  • On-premise business.
  • Prior cancellations, non-renewals, claims, non-pays, bankruptcy, foreclosure.
  • Diving boards; unfenced in-ground pools.
  • Vacancy.
  • Space heaters.
  • Coverage lapse.
  • Multiple ownership, trusts, business entities.